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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

You do use Instagram, do you?

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Visit Your Own Blog for The First Time - Then Start Making it Better

Of course it's physically impossible to travel in time and actually doing so. What I mean by this is that you should from time to time just go to your own blog and look at it as if it was your very first visit. Pretend that you're curious about what the blog has to offer and that you are eager to find it quickly.

Ask yourself questions similar to these:

- Does your blog instantly makes a good impression?
- Can you in a matter of seconds find which content the blog offers?
- Do the blog post titles sound interesting and make you feel like exploring the blog further?
- Is the blog post you decide to read well written? Does it link to other posts (preferably in a neverending chain of links that makes the reader keep reading the blog for as long as possible
- Do you feel the need to revise some content? (going back to earlier post I always seem to find things to improve when it comes to content and my understanding of the subject at hand)

The fundamental question you are trying to answer is of course: Would I enjoy visiting and keep visiting a blog such as this if I was one of the readers from my target audience?

When (there should be no "if" unless you have stopped improving as a writer and blogger) you find the question that you have to answer with a "No" - that is when you know that you have work to do and what that work should be aimed at.

After that, it's all about how much time you would like to spend on revising and polishing that precious gem of yours.

I honestly believe that I could work on my blog 24 hours a day for the rest of my life just going through my old posts and correcting/rewriting/developing them. Of course that is not realistic, even if blogging was my full-time job I would never spend more than 8 hours a day in front of a computer.

The point is that you should never be able to say "I don't know what to write, so I can't work on my blog today". The most popular posts of mine are revised versions of older posts. Posts that get better and better each time I go through them. Maybe one day they will be so good that I would actually enjoy reading them myself and even subscribe to my own blog.

Happy blogging! :)